Make Self-Care A Part of Your Weekend

We all know that we should look after ourselves but most of us get caught up in the daily frenzy of life and forget to check in. How are we supposed to look after others when we aren’t looking after our own selves? This is such an important question to ask and serves as a reminder to take that extra time to do something just for YOU. Taking some time for a little TLC enables you to be a better mother, friend, wife and overall person…and maybe just more tolerable to be around. We’re here to provide some tips for sinking deeper into relaxation and developing those self-care weekend rituals. 

10 Tips For a Better You In Just 2 Days

  1. We love the use of essential oils as a form of relaxation. Blends of lavender, peppermint, or lemon are not only soothing but make your home smell amazing!
  2. Envision the laziest day in your pj’s and then do just that! Get comfy and kick around the house all day while wearing a hairmask and order food in. We especially love the Nounou mask by Davinesits perfect for dry and damaged strands. 
  3. The ultimate luxury is to take a long hot bath. Fill up your tub with some muscle relaxing epsom salts or even coconut oil to reveal glowy hydrated skin.
  4. Part of self care can also be productive! By doing some of those pesky weekday tasks on the weekend can free up some time during the week. Try to do some cooking so you can have prepped meals for the busy week ahead. This leads to less stress, saving money and eating healthier.
  5. Treat yourself to that salon service you’ve been putting off! The weekend is the perfect time for some pampering like a new cut, colour or blowout. Getting your makeup done is a great way to distress as well. Here at DesignHouse we offer a full range of salon and makeup services even on a lazy Sunday!
  6. Turn off your phone. According to PopSugar “disconnect from technology and turn off all work-related business. If that's also impossible, try deleting all your social media apps just for a day — see how you feel when there's no pressure from the outside world, (source). ” 
  7. If you have the full day to yourself Vega suggests “Pre-planning your perfect solo adventure. Maybe it’s packing up the car and going on a day trip. Maybe it’s committing to seeing 5 (or 2 or 10) new places in your city, (source).” 
  8. Crack open that book that’s been sitting by your bedside for the last couple months. Unplugging from technology and choosing a book instead Superheroyou outlines how “reading for just 6 minutes helps you relax, (source).” We’ll gladly take that relaxation over some screen time! 
  9. Having a journal can be a great way to get your ideas down, brainstorm and also keep you on track with your goals. A great way to optimize this time can be making lists to help organize you for the busy week ahead. 
  10. Get outside for a walk! Getting the blood pumping and your body moving can help clear your head and make you feel really good! Going with a friend or family member makes it a great time for a chat as well.