Bamboo Compact- Eyeshadow


Bamboo Compact- Eyeshadow

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Carry and protect your pressed eyeshadows in this sustainable bamboo compact! Fits 3 eyeshadows and a small brush (not included) you can switch up your colours every time! 

"Unlike most timber, bamboo is a self-regenerating natural resource; new shoots that appear annually ensure production after individual culms are harvested. Bamboo is a plant that provides considerable environmental benefits. It is used for ecological purposes such as soil stabilisation and erosion prevention on hill slopes and verges. It is a very important forestry plant which is harvested from existing natural forests, plantations, and mixed agroforestry systems. Bamboo silviculture is a option for conserving and  protecting tropical forests while creating enduring supplies for the wood and cellulose industries. "

-Elate Cosmetics 

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