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Caring For Curly Girl

Curly Hair.

It’s a blessing and a curse but with the right tips and a little magic product even the wildest hair can be (relatively) tamed. What curly haired girl hasn’t heard from her straight haired friends that they would pay good money to swap places? Sound familiar? We’re big believers in embracing your natural texture and working with it. We’re here to talk curls and also give you some great education in how to embrace them.

"Being curly is not always easy! But what if some women were born, as their hair, not to be tamed? Maybe they need only good advice on how to express their personality and unleash the potential of their curls?"

- Davines


The first step is to distinguish what type of curl you have and also the texture of your hair. By becoming your own beauty and health expert you can not only get the right education but start developing a self love practice. Curls are not celebrated the way they should be by society and also by many women who don’t feel comfortable with them. By determining your own texture this begins the relationship with your curls well informed and also allows you to have some extra tools to pick out the best products for your hair. A large part of this process will also be getting the right cut for your hair which as curly haired girls know is integral to curls drying properly. A great tip is to ask your stylist if she or he cuts curly hair regularly or even look for a stylist that has very similar hair to your own. Curly hair drys best when it has blended, hand cut layers. Curly hair can dry very differently than when wet so ensuring you don’t have “step,” or “shelf,” layers can make a huge difference.

curly hair can define your personality

It truly begins with knowledge of the scalp and the origin of the curl. Curly hair is based on the shape of the bulb.

“The bulb is the area where hair originates, where keratin, the smallest brick that makes up the hair structure, is formed.”

- Davines


In straight hair, the bulb is perpendicular to the scalp, which allows keratin proteins to assemble themselves in a single row. When the bulb is in an angle in relation to the scalp, the keratin proteins cannot assemble in a row, which will result in an oval or elliptical hair shaft. Curly hair is notoriously dry and fragile making it making it incredibly difficult to get adequate moisture throughout the entire hair shaft. Consider trying some of Davines Curl line which was designed specifically keeping curly haired girls in mind.

Davines Curl Line Explained

  • LOVE Curl Shampoo
  • LOVE Curl Conditioner
  • LOVE Curl Controller
  • LOVE Curl Cream
  • LOVE Smoothing Shampoo: For frizzy or unruly hair. Creamy, softly-foamy LOVE Shampoo with olive extract gently cleanses and moisturizes while thoroughly smoothing hair.
  • LOVE Smoothing Conditioner: Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner with Borage Oil is a silky, rich and creamy treatment. It’s made specifically for frizzy and undisciplined hair. Love conditioner nourishes and moisturizes hair giving it exceptional smoothness and leaving hair soft and shiny. Thanks to its blend of conditioners, moisturizers and silicones it makes hair shiny and easy to comb.
  • LOVE Curl Mask: Ideal for workable wavy to curly hair. It has an extra nourishing and conditioning power. Gives intense softness, nourishment and hydration also to very thick and unruly hair.

Contact us to find a great stylist who knows how to pamper curly hair or to shop the LOVE line!