Davines - Shampoo Bars


The new shampoo bars by Davines are dreamy! For daily gentle cleansing with a creamy texture for softness and shine. Protect mother earth by reducing plastic use and biodegradable ingredients!
  • Easy to use and bring with you, whether it’s to the gym, traveling, etc.
  • Duration: 30 - 40 washes, as per one 300 ml shampoo bottle
  • Gentle enough for everyday use on hair and scalp thanks to skin-like pH; leaves hair cleansed, soft and luminous
  • Natural origin conditioning agents to improve hair workability
  • Professional quality result, in line with liquid shampoos


 4 formulations with Slow Food-active ingredients

Volu - Volume

Love Smooth- Smooth frizzy Hair 

Momo - Moisturizing 

Dede - Gentle cleansing for daily shampooing and fragile hair


    • Reduced logistic volume vs liquid shampoo

    • 100% FSC paper packaging, fully recyclable, with usage instructions and tips
    • 97
    .1% to 97.4% biodegradable
    • Free from silicones, sulfates, preservatives

    • Natural color, without any bleaching agents Minimized impact on aquatic environment

    • Carbon-neutral



    1. Wet the Shampoo Bar and work it with your hands to create a soft, creamy foam
    2. Apply the foam to wet hair and massage until the product is evenly distributed
    3. Rinse well and follow with the conditioner, if needed
    4. Rinse and air dry the solid shampoo after use