Davines - Naturaltech

Naturaltech is a range of products and treatments specifically formulated to prevent and resolve the most common skin and hair conditions, helping them regain the balance to restore their natural healthy state. The formulas have been created in synergy with the ritual of massage.

Using advanced technology allows us to formulate highly performing products. The Naturaltech formulas contain phytoceuticals, active biological compounds only found in plants, having exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. These properties also have an effect on human beings and are effective in countering free radicals. Products do not contain sulphates or parabens.

These are concentrates that are extremely effective in treating specific conditions. As they are already highly active, the formulas do not require phytoceuticals.

In the new formulations of the Energizing and Renewing family, the Complexes were introduced. They are innovative compounds consisting of phytoceuticals and specific high-performing active ingredients specifically designed for the treatment of the condition or preventive action targeted to each family. The Complexes are able to combine the beneficial effect of the plant-based extracts with the extraordinary effectiveness of the latest generation raw materials.

Naturaltech products have been designed to provide specific salon treatments. They can also be combined together to manage complex mixed conditions.

Naturaltech was created to be used in combination with treatments carried out with a massage ritual. In synergy with our products, a massage reactivates the blood stream, prepares skin for the benefits of the treatment and provides a sensory experience for customers.

The pleasant feeling of the treatments is enhanced by their scents, featuring unique fragrance notes. Latest-generation surfactants produce an incredibly creamy foam.

The packaging draws inspiration from the pharmaceutical world, as well as that of herbalists, featuring a collection of handmade drawings, which are symbolizing the function of each family. The containers are made with materials with recycled PET, while the cartons, where required, are made with FSC paper with no paint or glue to ensure greater biodegradability. The carbon dioxide emissions deriving from packaging production are offset through reforestation and woodland protection projects.



Soothing and calming products for sensitive or sensitized scalp.


Revitalising, regenerating and detoxifying products for scalp lacking in tone and hair stressed by environmental factors.


Dedicated to problems of fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out and for the preventive treatment of various forms of alopecia. Great for hormonal & post pregnancy hair loss. 


Antiseptic, calming, preventive and curative products for both dry and greasy dandruff.


Revitalising and reconstructive products for the wellbeing of scalp and dry, brittle and damaged hair. 


Normalizing and rebalancing products against excessive sebum production. Great for oily scalp. 


For the maintenance of the scalp and hair well-being and preventive treatment of aging. They can also be used between other Naturaltech treatments to prolong the benefits of that specific treatments.


Replumping and elasticizing products for all hair types.


Moisturising, protective and toning products for all hair types.