5 Signs Your Hair is Begging for a Hair Mask!

5 Signs Your Hair is Begging for a Hair Mask!

Healthy hair doesn’t happen by accident. When you see hair that’s strong, soft, and glimmers with a beautiful sheen, it’s the result of a nourishing hair care plan. Regular care and maintenance are needed to achieve happy, great-looking hair. After all, hair is part of your body and, just like all body parts, hair needs attention too.

When hair isn’t getting enough nourishment and love, it voices displeasure pretty fast. Unruly strands, difficult to manage tresses, and oily hair are just some of the ways hair asks for extra nourishment, such as from an enriching hair mask. Sometimes, however, it’s not as easy to understand when your hair is asking for a bit more attention.

It’s important to identify the signs of undernourished and stressed hair to prevent long-term damage from occurring. Today, our hairstylists are translating for your hair! We’re sharing the top 5 signs your hair is begging you for a much-needed hair mask treatment.

Brittle Hair and Split Ends

Hair that’s brittle tends to break more easily than hair that’s soft. Hair breakage is a common sign that hair isn’t getting enough moisture and essential nutrients. Different hair types are more prone to becoming brittle than others and environmental conditions play a role as well. 

Environmental factors that can cause hair to become dry and brittle include:

  • Heat from styling tools
  • Winter weather
  • Poor hair care product selection
  • Chronic dehydration

Regardless of hair type, or the stresses hair is put under, brittle hair should always be combated with a soothing and enriching moisture treatment, such as Davines’ Nou Nou Nourishing Vegetarian Hair Mask. Hair masks loaded with soothing ingredients are great to infuse moisture into dry, brittle ends as well as protect hair from further breakage.  

Dull Looking Hair: Perk It Up with Hair Mask Treatments

Hair that’s dull often feels coarse or rough, lacks lustre or shine, and appears dry. Reasons for hair to become dull are similar to those that also cause hair to become brittle and susceptible to breakage. 

Over styling, harsh weather, and even poor nutrition all contribute to hair health and it not being able to retain moisture. 

Hair masks are great to help dull-looking hair regain its shine and vigour. If winter weather is causing hair to appear dry and dull, weekly use of a lightweight, shine-boosting hair mask will help protect hair and keep it supple. We recommend Davines’ The Spotlight Circle with moringa oil to bring dull, weather-beaten hair back to life.

Itchy Scalp: Ease Discomfort with a Scalp Hair Mask

Scalp and hair care are closely connected. So much so that many hair concerns we see in our salon clients are caused by underlying scalp conditions and the products used to treat them. Therefore, when dealing with a scalp condition such as dandruff, scalp psoriasis, or itchy skin, it’s important to care for both the affected skin and its surrounding hair.

Hair masks for scalp care are a great way to ease the discomfort of several scalp conditions and alleviate hair damage that may have occurred from prescription medications or other topical scalp treatments.

Hair Masks for Scalp Care

We recommend the following hair masks for scalp care: 

Colour Treated Hair Needs a Regular Hair Mask 

Colouring hair is a harsh process that impacts more than just the colour of your hair. Hair dye can leave strands of hair brittle, dry, and prone to breakage, especially for shades that are lighter than the person’s natural hair colour. 

And, when colouring hair is a regular part of a personal care routine, the damage to hair can be extensive. For those that prefer to colour their hair regularly, hair masks should be an essential part of a haircare routine. Weekly hair masks will help keep colour-treated hair soft, healthy, and full of shine.

Essential Hair Masks for Colour-Treated Hair

Hair masks ideal for colour treated hair include:

Chlorine Damaged Hair: Treat With a Hair Mask

Chlorine-treated water in pools is terrible for hair. It draws out locked-in moisture, has a mild bleaching effect and leaves hair tangled and messy. For those who want to avoid damaging hair after swimming in a chlorine-treated pool, a hair mask is a great solution.

After you swim, be sure to wash and condition wet hair with a product specific for after swimming. Then, follow up with a nourishing hair mask designed to repair damage caused by chlorine.

Hair Masks Help Maintain Great-Looking Hair

Maintaining hair that’s healthy is the best way to guarantee a great-looking hairstyle. Nourished, well-cared-for locks and tresses are always the best styling tool for looking and feeling your best every day. Regular use of quality hair masks is a fabulous choice to help improve your hair care routine.

Have questions about which hair mask is right for you? Simply reach out to ask one of our hair care professionals.