Welcome To Well Fed Beauty

It brings me so much satisfaction knowing I can create beauty sustainably behind the chair and for my guests at home! Please enjoy this selection of clean haircare and if you have any questions or would like a recommendation don't hesitate to reach out! info@wellfedbeauty.com

In our store you will find multiple haircare lines and categories containing amazing products! 

Here is a quick guide: 

    • Davines: A family company from Parma, Italy. The family always sought harmony between science and nature. Protecting farms, planting trees, replacing what is used, respecting nature, ethical packing, natural ingredients and more! Every product is created with mother earth in mind. 
    • Authentic Beauty Concept: A holistic premium brand co-created by hairdressers. ABC is real, honest and purpose driven. Performance driven, vegan formulas free from micro-plastics, mineral oil, parabens, silicones and of course cruelty free. Made in Germany.
    • Eleven Australia: A lifestyle brand for the young and young at heart. they have gluten free, vegan formulas free of parabens and packaged with recycled bottles.
    • Sachajuan: simplifying haircare by reducing superfluous products, ingredients and routines. Our continuous ambition is to make haircare and styling effortless and uncomplicated.
    • Aria Beauty Tools: A team of product innovators and beauty experts.
    • Makeup Eraser: Machine washable face cloth promising to remove waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and more!
Thanks for supporting small business owners with a passion to
spread the love!
xo Chantelle + Kurtis