Our Amazing Team

Chantelle • Kurtis • Robin • Sara • Emma • Laura • Payton • Julie •
Emerald • Meagan •Madison  • Tara • Matt • Alyssa • Dawn 



Chantelle – Owner/Master Stylist

“I am so blessed to have the opportunity to perfect my craft and share my passion with my amazing clients and talented fellow artists. I am totally committed to the highest level of client experience and quality of the services offered at designHouse.

If you’re looking for extensions I’m your girl! I love love love extensions.

Tape extensions + hand tied wefts. Ask me about my affiliate program.

Thank-you so much for your support + for making the sustainable choice!”

Women’s Haircut: $80   

Men’s Haircut: $55

Balayage + Trim $215+  

Global Color: $120

Blowout: $55




Kurtis – Connector

Connected soulfully and sustainably to the Victoria community. He believes that local business is like a marriage… You can only hope to get out what you put in.


Robin – Master Stylist

She never imagined herself as a stylist growing up. After enrolling in Blanche MacDonald in 2007 she never looked back. She found her home, a place to combine her love for people and creativity and beauty.

For years she pushed perfection. Honing her skills every hour of the day, becoming a Redken educator and working long hours. Then learning to find the beauty in individual imperfections that make us all unique.

As a self proclaimed hair whisperer she often feels as though she has a sixth sense about ones hair and desired look. Collaborating with her clients to create the perfect look for their lifestyle is her absolute favourite part of being in this industry.

When she’s not doing hair she is most likely on a cycling adventure with her dog Tilley, or playing her fiddle with friends. Her new life modo is be prepared to be unprepared.

Women’s Haircut: $76.    

Men’s Haircut: $56.  

Base Retouch: $86.  

Global Color: $110.

Blowout: $55

*Robin is not available for online booking, please call or text 778.433.4393 to book an appointment*



Sara – Master Stylist

Drawn to the lifestyle and vibe of Vancouver Island to live, grow and create beauty … Sara relocated away from oiler fans and is excited to be working alongside her long time friend and colleague Chantelle. Sara has been passionately doing hair for 15 years and has been an educator with Davines for 10 of those years. She is ethically driven to do sustainably conscious hair and is excited to be able to do that at her new home at designHouse.

She loves travelling especially to international hair shows to train with the top internationally acclaimed platform artist / stylists. When she isn’t travelling the world she enjoys health orientated cooking and going on an adventure; especially if it’s outdoors.

She is well rounded in all hair services as well as extensions(weaves) and if she “had” to pick a favourite it would be colour services where she can use her extensive education experience to come up with a highly unique and creative effect.

Women’s Haircut: $70 .    

Men’s Haircut: $50 .  

Base Retouch: $95 .  

Global Color: $105 . 

Blowout: $55 .


Emma – Senior Stylist

When Emma is not researching the latest trends in hair she is spending time with family and friends loving life on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. She likes firecrackers, fireworks, and fireball while sitting around a campfire. Her natural red hair might play a role in this….

Emma really enjoys recreating the newest styles both short and long and loves to educate her clients on the products that protect their precious natural beauty. Her colour technique creates flawlessly soft and rich colours that generate a ton of compliments !!

She’s fast & efficient all while delivering some of the highest quality Victoria has to offer….

Women’s Haircut: $65 .    

Men’s Haircut: $45 .  

Base Retouch: $80 .  

Global Color: $100 .  

Blowout: $55


Payton – Senior Stylist

 She has her heart set in Victoria. You wouldn't leave your family in Ontario after assisting in opening a beautiful salon and working alongside her best friend and sister for 5 years. So this says a lot. Payton has a big heart and strong core values.

Guess what? She is also a yoga teacher. Talk about mindfulness.

She's brings that all to the table when approaching her guests.

Loves a tight taper for all you taper men out there, kills it a balayage, and is just an all around fantastic stylist.

Women’s Haircut: $65    

Men’s Haircut: $45

Base Retouch: $80

Global Color: $110

Blowout: $55


Laura – Studio Stylist

 She's humble, beautiful and talented! She brings only a few fierce years to the industry + she's killing it. Laura has a full head of luscious curls which is why she decided to specialize in curly hair! Say what? Specialist? YES!

Finally! You have found your stylist!

She can do it all so don't hesitate to try out her talent for your precision bob or fine hair hilites. Despite being opposite of full curly locks she still knows whats up.


to join our

Love Curl Club. 


Women’s Haircut: $75

Deva Cut- Curly Hair: $95

Deva Cut - Express (for existing clients only) $75 

Men’s Haircut: $45

Base Retouch: $90

Global Color: $110 

Blowout: $55 


Julie – Studio Stylist

Julie is all the way from Naniamo. LOL. Her favourite animal is a whale because they have the biggest heart. Julie has enjoyed developing her craft over the last 6 years and loves the aesthetic of art in all its forms including dancing, painting, illustration, and non-mechanical tattoo. Julie also went to school for holistic nutrition and loves animals of all kinds!

Women’s Haircut: $45  

 Men’s Haircut: $35 

Base Retouch: $70

Global Color: $90  

Blowout: $40


Emerald – Studio Stylist

Emerald apprenticed here at dH 4 years ago and it didn’t take her long to build up a full clientele. Recently away, she has brought back to the salon a fun personality and now almost a year of travel to tell you about. Dedicated to the craft and her clients, we know her main priority is making sure you leave the chair feeling like your best you.

Emerald  works fully out of the Fernwood location.

Women’s Haircut: $50

Men’s Haircut: $35

Base Retouch: $75

Global Color: $95

Blowout: $40



 Meagan – Studio Stylist

Meagan is spiritually connected and dedicated to being her best self. Practicing yoga on the daily, working hard behind the chair and a mother to 2 teenagers! A tall load! 
We all enjoy her energy around the salon!


Women’s Haircut: $55   

Men’s Haircut: $40 

Base Retouch: $80 

Global Color: $100

Blowout: $45

Madison – Junior Stylist 

Women’s Haircut: $40     

Men’s Haircut: $30 

Base Retouch: $60 

Global Color: $80

She’s fun, young + sweet. She pays close attention to details and was the top of her class! She may be a junior but don’t let that fool you. This girl invests everything into her clients.

You are a rockstar junior Maddi! – don’t worry you can call her that, I don’t think I’ve ever called her Madison  lol… has been doing hair for 3 years now.

Tara – Senior Stylist

A local that knows the ins and outs of the most trendy places and styles in Victoria. Her passion for hair will be felt immediately and you will see why she is a member of the designHouse Family !!

Women’s Haircut: $60  

Men’s Haircut: $40

Base Retouch: $80 

Global Color: $100  

Blowout: $50


Alyssa – Barber / Stylist

****Currently on Maternity Leave With Beautiful Little Hazel****

With a calculated personality and an edgy style … Alyssa is the girl you want close to your neck with razor. She has incredible barbering skills and you will love your bi-monthly chat with her.

Men’s Haircut: $40


Matt – Senior Stylist 

After working and owning a salon in Victoria Matt decided to invest all of his focus on his clients. He has truly perfected the blended balayage and a sick mens fade!

That really does sum up his clientele. His instagram will tell it all. Focusing on healthy eating and creating balance for oneself has allowed Matt to maximize his energy that he can use for creating beautiful hair!


Book directly with Matt on Instagram

Dawn – Owner of Lumisenz Body Sculpting

Dawn owns and operates a fascinating business in body sculpting and facial rejuvenation. The transformations we have seen have blown our minds. Helping people look and feel young again is a gift! She operates out of 2 beautifully decorated clinic rooms in designHouse Salon. Check out her website for more information and pictures.