Best Demi Permanent Hair Colour Tips

Best Demi Permanent Hair Colour Tips

Looking to dye your hair at home with a demi permanent hair colour?

Demi permanent hair dyes are perfect for mixing up your hair colour regularly or for those who prefer colour treatments from the comfort of home.

However, getting salon-quality results from a hair colour treatment at home is not always easy. Remember, professional stylists have experience in numerous hair colouring techniques, treatment products and what works best with different hair types.

To help you achieve beautiful, vibrant colour results from your demi permanent hair dye application, we're going to explain what a demi permanent hair colour is, how to choose one best for your hair goals and then share some expert application tips from our master stylists!

What is Demi Permanent Hair Colour?

demi permanent hair colour tipsDemi permanent hair colour is hair dye that isn't permanent. Demi permanent treatments wash out of hair in about 10 - 14 shampoo washes.

Demi Permanent formulas are designed to cover up and coat hair, but won't dramatically lighten or darken natural hair colour. This type of dye is great for those who want to add a little bit more depth and shine to their current colour without making a huge commitment.

For instance, with davines Finest Pigment hair colour gloss, the naturally derived pigments and ingredients are able to enhance and maintain colour, protect hair structure and washes out gently over several weeks.

Demi permanent hair colour features we love include:

  • Ammonia Free. This means you don't have to deal with the awful smell and caustic concerns of colour treatments with ammonia. Plus, they are ideal for people with ammonia sensitivities.
  • Activator Free. Demi permanent formulations don't require activation or developer chemicals making them safe and easy to use at home.
  • Direct Colouring System. This means the dye will directly adhere to hair strands without the use of added chemicals or lengthy steps. It also means the dye will just coat the outermost cuticle of a hair strand, not be absorbed into the hair strand or permanently alter its natural colour.
  • Lasting Results - Demi-Permanent colour washes out slowly, meaning your new hair colour will last as long as it takes you to clean your hair with shampoo a dozen times.

5 Reasons to Use Demi Permanent Hair Treatment

Davines Finest PigmentsPeople opt for demi permanent hair treatments for many reasons. Some prefer demi colour treatments over salon applications because they don't contain ammonia, while others appreciate them for their low commitment and low maintenance qualities.

Enhance Natural Colour

Demi permanent hair dye is great for enhancing natural colour to create a two-tone effect. This type of colour treatment is perfect to enhance and revitalise your existing hair colour or just to add a subtle layer of interest.

Refresh Colour Treated Hair

Demi permanent hair colour is an excellent choice for damaged hair, as they are ammonia-free products and don't require harsh activating chemicals. This means they will not strip away your hair's natural oils or proteins. Additionally, demi permanent dyes are more conditioning than permanent colouring systems and this can help repair damaged hair.

Blend Grey Hair

Demi permanent hair colour is ideal for blending grey hair right at home. It's designed to deposit hair colour onto the outermost layer of your hair. This helps to add depth and shine without significantly changing your natural hair colour, making it easier to blend in naturally grey hairs.

Correct Colour

Natural and colour-treated hair sometimes needs help to look its best again. Demi permanent hair colours are perfect for correcting and refining existing colour treatments, as they deposit a sheer amount of colour that helps to create a more cohesive look.

Toning Highlights

Demi permanent hair treatments are ideal for adding gentle highlights to colour treated or natural hair and are ideal for helping you look your best for a graduation, wedding, vacation or other special occasion. Plus, they can be done at home which saves you from spending your money and time at a salon.

How to Choose a Demi Permanent Hair Colour Treatment

Choosing a demi-permanent hair treatment can be a little tricky; there are a few things you can keep in mind to help you make the right choice. We have 6 tips to help you out.

  1. Read the Label. Read a hair colour treatment's instructions before purchasing to be sure you understand how long it will last and what type of results you can expect. 
  1. Choose Your Shade. Look at colour swatches and determine which one best matches your current hair colour. You can always combine two or more shades to create a customised look that suits you better.
  1. Consider Your Hair Type. If you have damaged or chemically treated hair, choose a demi-permanent hair treatment that is gentle and nourishing to avoid further damage. For more tips on how to treat damaged hair, read this article.
  1. Know Your Coverage Needs. Knowing what you’d like the colour treatment to do for you before you buy a product is ideal. For instance, if you want to cover grey hair, choose a demi-permanent hair treatment that offers more coverage. Some demi-permanent hair treatments are formulated specifically for grey coverage.
  1. Verify its Ammonia-Free. Make sure to look for ammonia-free formulas and products that contain nourishing and moisturising ingredients, such as argan oil, coconut oil or shea butter. These are ideal for people with sensitive scalps and can help keep hair healthy and shiny.
  1. Read Reviews. Check online reviews from other users who have tried the product you're interested in. Their experiences can help you determine if the product is right for you. What are people saying about Davine’s Finest Pigments line of demi permanent colour treatments? Find out here.

Remember, if you're unsure about which demi-permanent hair treatment to choose, consult with a professional hair stylist who can help you select the best product for your hair type and desired look. 

Tips To Apply Demi Permanent Hair Colour

Select Your Colour

Demi permanent colours should be similar to your current hair colour. Be sure to choose a dye that's no more than two shades lighter or darker than your hair colour.

Test for Allergies 

Do a quick patch test by putting a small dab of the dye on your inner elbow or behind your ear, just to be sure you don't develop an irritation or other allergic reaction to the product. If you’re prone to sensitive skin or scalp, try a product made with all-natural ingredients.

Clean Your Hair

Thoroughly wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo to get your hair clean and remove any lingering products or oils that could interfere with the colouring treatment's ability to coat your hair. Do not use conditioner or apply other products. Be sure to dry your hair.

Follow Directions. 

Your demi permanent treatment will come with a set of instructions. Be sure to follow those instructions as they may be unique to that particular product. This is best in order to achieve optimal results.

Shop Well Fed Beauty For Natural Demi Permanent Hair Treatments

Demi permanent hair colour treatments can be a great way to boost your look and get the most out of your styling. When choosing a demi-permanent hair treatment, it's important to read the label as well as consider your own individual needs such as coverage, damage or allergies. 

Remember, if you're ever unsure about which product is right for you, consult with an experienced stylist. With these tips in mind, we hope that you'll find success when selecting and applying a demi-permanent hair treatment from Well Fed Beauty!