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Hair Care for Men: The Essential Guide

For men, having a great head of hair can be an integral part of helping you feel attractive and confident. While great genes play a huge role in how lush, full and manageable a man’s hair is, it’s definitely not the only factor. 

How you care for your hair and scalp is just as important for your hair as is your DNA, in fact, it’s probably even more so, actually. A consistent hair care routine keeps your hair healthy and strong while providing it with the right nourishment it needs.

And, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be hard, overly fussy, or time-consuming. It just takes getting to know your hair a little better and choosing the right products.

Will you have to ditch the all-in-one body-face-hair cleanser? Yes, BUT we promise you it will be worth it.

Men's Hair: What's Your Type?

The first step to great hair is understanding what type you have. This information will help you determine what products and tools will be best suited for your hair.

For instance, some hair types tend to be drier than others and will need more moisture than others. Or, some men's hair can be prone to being oily. If that's the case, you're hair will respond better to a care routine for oily hair than one intended to soften coarse, dry hair.

In general, there are four different types of hair. Curly, straight, wavy, or kinky. Each of these hair types require different care practices and product choices. There are variations within the four hair types, but most people will fit into one of the four.

Not sure which type of hair you have? Let's find out.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is as it sounds, it’s curly. Curly hair tends to consist of hair with spirals or ringlets. Curls form due to the shape of the individual's hair follicles and can vary depending on several factors. Hair length, head location, humidity level, product selection, and even water hardness can impact how intense your curls are and how they choose to behave.

Curly hair is typically thicker, more voluminous and naturally dry than other hair types As such, it requires more hydration than other types of hair in order to stay healthy. Men with curly hair should use products designed specifically for curly hair.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is just that - straight. It can range from being slightly wavy to stick-straight and it’s thickness level can be anywhere on the spectrum of coarse to fine. 

Straight hair provides its own unique challenges. It tends to be oilier than other types of hair and requires more frequent washing than wavy or curly hair. Gentle shampoos and conditioners are best for straight hair to alleviate the stress and damage caused by frequent washings. 

For those with thin hair that lays flat, try a gentle volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is somewhere between straight and curly. It consists of larger curls that tend to fall deeper than those with curly hair, yet are still visible. Wavy hair is incredibly versatile as it can be styled multiple ways.

Wavy hair may look like it needs a lot of hydration, but the truth is that wavy hair can often be very oily and therefore prone to buildup. You will want to use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair in order to avoid any unnecessary product accumulation on your scalp. Wavy hair responds well to many all-purpose haircare products.

Kinky Hair

Kinky hair is the tightest type of hair and it’s typically drier than other types of hair. The curls are usually so small that they aren't visible to the eye, but they can be felt when touched. Kinky hair tends to require a lot of moisture in order to stay healthy and hydrated.

It’s important to use the right hair care routine and products in order to keep your kinky hair looking its best. Products that are specifically designed for textured hair will help combat the dryness and provide it with the nourishment it needs.

Next: Let’s Talk Men's Scalp Care

The health of your scalp affects the health of your hair. For men, scalp care is often overlooked, but it should not be. This is especially true for men with shorter hairstyles and those who are more prone to hair loss; their scalps are exposed to harsh elements much more than those with long hair.

What are the signs of a healthy scalp for men?

A healthy scalp will ensure that your hair is properly nourished and will promote the growth of healthy, strong hair in addition to preventing common scalp concerns such as dandruff, oily scalp or dry skin.

Oily Scalp

An oily scalp can cause the hair to look greasy, feel heavy, and may even have a distinct odor. It is caused by an overproduction of sebum, the natural oil that your body produces to keep the skin on your scalp from drying out. The excess sebum can clog pores and lead to flaking, itching, and other scalp irritations.

Dry Scalp

If you find that your scalp is on the other end of the spectrum - dry and flaky - then it could be a sign of dehydration. Dry scalp can be caused by not drinking enough water or using harsh shampoos and conditioners that strip moisture from the hair.

Normal Scalp

If your scalp is neither too dry nor too oily, then you could consider it to be normal. It should feel neither too tight nor too greasy and there shouldn’t be any flaking or itching present. Like the rest of your skin, a healthy scalp needs moisture and nourishment in order for it to stay balanced.

Know Your Hair and Scalp Type? Good. Level Up Your Hair Care Routine with Our Top Tips

Cleanse & Condition Your Hair 

Your hair is unique and should be treated with the kind of care and nourishment it needs. The type of shampoo you use is just as important as the ingredients in it. Choose a shampoo that’s specifically made for your type of hair and scalp, such as one designed for oily scalps or curly hair.

  • Curly Hair: Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for curly hair. It will help lock in moisture and prevent your curls from drying out and becoming brittle. Also, only wash curly hair when needed. We recommend no more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Straight Hair: Gentle shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients are best for those with straight hair as straight hair tends to develop greasy build-up and requires frequent washing.
  • Wavy Hair: Wavy hair is the most versatile of hair types and can perform well with many types of cleansers and conditioners. Choose one that best suits your hairs health. If it tends to be dry, use a moisturising shampoo. For thin, wavy hair, try a volumizing shampoo bar.

  • Kinky Hair:  Kinky hair usually requires more moisture than other types of hair, so choose a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to keep your kinky curls hydrated.

Add a Treatment to Your Routine

Your daily cleanser and conditioner are great for keeping your hair and scalp in a good spot, but they may be able to meet all your concerns. Adding a little something extra to your weekly hair care routine will fortify your hair and take its appearance to the next level.

Oily Scalp Treatment - Apply Once a Week

Oily scalps can be tricky to manage and often need an extra boost of care to keep over producing oil glands in check. Choose a treatment designed for oily hair and scalp and apply it once a week or as per the products recommendation.

Dry Scalp Treatment - Use Natural Oils

Treating your dry scalp regularly with an infusion of hydration will help alleviate tight, itchy skin and irritations. Look for treatments that are enriched with natural oils and/or humectants.

Ready for relief from a dry and sensitive scalp? Try Davines Calming Superactive scalp treatment infused with calming blueberry extract.

Brittle Hair - Use Deep Conditioning Treatment

Brittle hair is a sign of dryness and damage, so using a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week will help to improve your hair's strength and elasticity. Look for products with ingredients like Vitamin C and antioxidants which can help repair damaged strands.

To feed your brittle hair daily, use this deeply conditioning care kit.

Thinning Hair - Use Natural Products that Promote Regrowth

If you are experiencing thinning hair or baldness, a specialised treatment might be necessary. Look for products that are formulated with DHT blockers which can help to prevent further hair loss and even promote regrowth. Explore Well Fed Beauty’s selection of natural products for thinning hair.

Men’s Hair Care Pro Tip: Use Natural Hair Care Products

It is important to also make sure that you’re using hair care products that are free from harsh chemicals and toxins. Synthetic ingredients can damage your hair over time, leaving it dry, weak and brittle. 

Look for natural hair care products enriched with natural oils and nourishing ingredients, they will help keep your hair looking its best and protect it from styling and harsh weather damage.

Add Some Style

Once you’ve taken the steps above to make sure your hair is in tiptop shape, you can use various styling techniques and products to create any look that you desire. Men’s grooming products have evolved greatly in recent years. 

You should choose natural products that match your hair type, care concerns and styling goals. 

Not sure which product is right for you? We explain below.

Pomade - Perfect for Providing Structure and Hold

Pomades are medium-hold styling products used to create lasting hairstyles, providing structure and hold with a mild shine.  Depending on the specific formula, pomades can be used for a range of hairstyles and can work well on all hair types, from thin to thick.

Wax - Great Choice to Add Body to your Style

Wax is a great choice for textured looks and adding body to your style. Waxes are generally light to medium hold styling products. It won’t make hair too stiff or heavy, but it will still give enough structure to maintain your chosen look.  It’s also great for taming flyaways and frizz while creating texture in your hair. For styles with a bit of shine, try davine’s This is a Shine Wax.

Clay - Adds Texture, Dishevelled Look with Plenty of Hold

Clay adds texture and volume to the hair while providing strong hold. It can create a matte finish or add subtle shine, depending on the formula and desired look. Clay is perfect for achieving textured, dishevelled looks with plenty of hold. 

For dry hair, we recommend trying davines Pasta and Love Styling Clay.

A Final Word on Haircare for Men

Taking good care of your hair is essential for keeping it looking its best. Start by finding the right hair care routine and products to address your concerns and get the results you want. Natural hair care products are often more effective than those with harsh chemicals. Choose products that meet your hair care needs with organic materials. Finally, don’t forget to style your hair with a product designed to help you achieve your desired look. 

Well Fed Beauty has all of the men's hair care products you need to take good care of your hair and create any style you desire. Visit our online shop for all your natural hair care needs.